Our Services

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  • Website Development

    Our core business is building websites. On the front end, we can build out a custom design from the ground up or work from a pre-built template. On the back-end, we can build a static, dynamic, or data-driven site to meet your needs. Or maybe you have a great idea, but need to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get further funding. In that case we can build a site out quickly and economically.

  • Website Maintenance

    If you have an existing site that needs a new feature, a face-lift, or a little tuning up, we can help out with that.

  • 3rd Party Service Integration

    We can help you integrate your site with a 3rd party services like Google Maps, MailChimp, or Stripe Payment Processing. Or maybe you need the functionality provided by an existing jQuery plugin. That's in our bag of tricks too.

Our Techonology Stack

Like most software engineers, we have our preferred languages and tools:
  • Front-end languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    These are the standard front-end languages of web development used by all developers.

  • Back-end languages: PHP and Python

    PHP is ubiquitous so of course we write code in PHP. But our preferred language is Python.

  • Front-end frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile

    jQuery Mobile was first on the scene to help with the development of mobile sites. Twitter Bootstrap is newer and has proven crucial to the widespread adoption of responsive sites.

  • Full featured framework : Django

    Simply put, Django is a pleasure to work with. It helps get a site up and running quickly, and allows developers to share and reuse common "apps" throughout their sites. A couple of popular sites built with Django are Pintrest and Instagram.

  • Hosting and Development Platform: Google App Engine

    Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PAAS) that lets you run applications on Google's infrastructure. That's right, your site actually runs on Googles servers! It takes away much of the pain involved with administering a web site, handles load-balancing and scaling automatically, and bills you for only the services used and at a very reasonable cost.

  • iOS and Android app development: PhoneGap

    PhoneGap is an open source platform for building apps for iOS and Android devices. Apps are built with standard web languages (HTML,CSS, JavaScript) and compiled for the target operating systems.